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Number One Visa & Translation offers comprehensive Hong Kong visa application services for all types of visas and addresses any visa-related issues with precision. With over 12 years of experience and a professional team, we ensure that every step of your journey is seamless and worry-free.

Apply for a Hong Kong Visa with Number One Visa & Translation

Traveling to Hong Kong is an experience not to be missed. However, the visa application process can be a source of stress for some. Number One Visa & Translation provides efficient and accurate visa application and problem-solving services, backed by a professional team with over 12 years of experience.

Types of Visas You Can Apply For

Number One Visa & Translation specializes in processing all types of visas, including business visas, tourist visas, student visas, and work visas. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive your visa quickly and without issues.

Worldwide Visa Services

In addition to Hong Kong visas, Number One Visa & Translation also offers visa application services for many countries around the world. You can trust that applying for a visa with us is a reliable and optimal choice.

Over 12 Years of Experience

With more than 12 years of experience in visa applications, Number One Visa & Translation understands the needs and potential issues that can arise during the process. Our professional team is always ready to solve problems and offer comprehensive advice.

Why Choose Number One Visa & Translation

1. Fast and Efficient Service - We understand the importance of time in the visa application process and are committed to providing services that are both fast and of high quality.

2. Professional Team - Our team has the knowledge and experience in the visa application process, ensuring that you receive the best recommendations.

3. Global Coverage - No matter which country you need a visa for, we offer comprehensive services for your convenience.

4. Professional Problem Solving - If you encounter issues in your visa application, our team is ready to provide advice and solutions to ensure your peace of mind before your trip.

To ensure that your journey is smooth and free from visa issues, choose Number One Visa & Translation. Our experienced and professional team is ready to assist you.

Documents Required for Hong Kong Visa Application and Types of Visas Available for Thai Citizens

Preparing the necessary documents to apply for a visa to Hong Kong is a crucial step that ensures a smooth process. For Thai citizens planning to travel to Hong Kong, it is essential to understand the types of visas available and the documents needed to successfully apply.

Types of Hong Kong Visas That Thai Citizens Can Apply For

1. Tourist Visa: For traveling or vacationing in Hong Kong.

2. Business Visa: For traveling to perform business activities, attend meetings, conferences, or business negotiations.

3. Student Visa: For studying or training at educational institutions in Hong Kong.

4. Work Visa: For individuals hired by companies or organizations in Hong Kong.

5. Dependent Visa: For those who want to accompany their family members residing or working in Hong Kong.

Required Documents for Visa Application

To ensure a quick and hassle-free Hong Kong visa application, the following documents should be prepared:

Essential Documents

1. Visa Application Form: Filled out completely and signed.

2. Passport: Valid for at least six months from the date of return and with blank pages for visa stamps.

3. Passport-sized Photos: Two recent photos, with a straight face and a white background, taken within the past six months.

4. Financial Proof: Such as bank statements for the last six months or a financial certificate from the bank.

Additional Documents by Visa Type

1. Tourist Visa

  • Travel itinerary.
  • Hotel reservation proof.
  • Round-trip flight booking.

2. Business Visa:

  • Invitation letter from the Hong Kong business entity.
  • Proof of employment, such as an employment certificate or income statement.

3. Student Visa:

  • Acceptance letter from the educational institution in Hong Kong.
  • Proof of tuition payment.
  • Study plan

4. Work Visa:

  • Employment contract.
  • Employer’s certification in Hong Kong.
  • Educational and work experience certificates.

5. Dependent Visa:

  • Relationship proof documents (e.g., marriage certificate, birth certificate).
  • Documents of the person you are accompanying (e.g., their visa or work permit in Hong Kong).

Preparing complete and accurate documents ensures a smooth visa application process and reduces the risk of visa rejection. Let Number One Visa & Translation simplify this process for you. With a professional team and over 12 years of experience, we can offer advice and complete document preparation tailored to your needs.

>>Our Other Services<<

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- APEC Business Travel Card Services: Application services for the APEC Business Travel Card for Thai nationals.

If you are looking for comprehensive visa application services with a professional team specialized in immigration laws of all countries, contact us at Call Center 094-3891001, Line Official ID: @1VISA, or email For more information, visit our website at We have 26 branches nationwide. We are happy to assist you with your visa application process and provide consultation on any visa-related queries.

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